Highland cereals: (sorghum, wheat, barley and upland rice)

  • Sorghum is a stable and popular crop in the zone grow essentially as both a food and cash crop, and with a lot of cultural attachment among the population. Wheat and barley, being some of the crops that require semi-temperate climatic conditions were also introduced in the zone. Thus, Kachwekano ZARDI has comparative advantage for their R&D activities because it is located in highlands with temperate environmental conditions that favour growing of the crops.


    3 varieties are selected for presentation to variety committee for release as commercial cultivation after DSU is done.

    3 upland rice varieties are promising in the lower altitude areas of the zone.

    Cold tolerant upland rice variety trials has shown that seed formation is very low for all introductions made and hence need more introductions and evaluation. Activities on wheat and barley are limited to production of seed on demand.